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Policies, Procedures and Forms

At St Joseph’s, every day at school is important in a child’s learning and parents arrange for family vacations to occur during the school holiday periods. Attendance at school is mandatory and required by law.

However, at times situations arise for families where the Principal is able to grant leave to students during the school term. All leave is approved by the Principal and parents/ carers should:

1. If you are requesting leave of 1-9 days for your child, please email the school office at or record the leave in Compass.

2. If you are requesting leave for your child of 10 or more days you will need to complete the Application for Extended Leave form below.

icon download with padding5FORM: Application for Extended Leave (10-100 days)

In completing the application, parents/caregivers must specify the reason for the application for extended leave. Travel documentation, such as travel itinerary or e‐ticket should be included with the Application. The Principal may request a meeting with the parents. The Principal will inform the parents if the application is accepted and a Leave Certificate issued. 

3. Where Extended Leave exceeds one school term (50 days), the Principal will send the Application Form to the Director of Schools for consideration.   

4. Leave over 100 days- make an appointment to see the Principal.

Part 2, 4(b) of the NSW Education Act (1990) states that the education of a child is primarily the responsibility of the child’s parents. It should not therefore be an expectation of parents/caregivers that the school provide work for the student during the time of the extended leave.

St Joseph’s is committed to creating a child safe Catholic school. 

The Working With Children Check (WWCC) is required by law for some volunteer workers but school volunteers who are a parent or a close relative of a student enrolled at the school are EXEMPT from obtaining a WWCC unless the work involves any of the following; 

  • a formal program of mentoring children, or
  •  intimate personal care of children with a disability, or  
  • attending at an overnight camp for children

All volunteers at St Joseph's Bulli will need to complete one of the following forms to enable them to volunteer at the school:

FORM: Volunteers who already HAVE a Working With Children Check
Please complete the following form and return it to the school office. 

FORM Volunteers WITHOUT a Working with Children Check
Please complete the following form and return it to the school office. 

For further information please visit the Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong (CEDoW) website.

St Joseph's also complies with a further range of other policies provided by Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong. Visit the CEDoW Policy Directory for more information.